Shapes'Touch is a logic game for children on Windows® 10, 8 and 7.

Shapes’Touch is an organizational and logic game for young children in the process of learning shapes, colors, and relative sizes.

The center screen is filled with different shaped slots of varying size, and with borders of several different colors. To the right and left of the screen are filled shapes that match one of the center slots. Children must recognize the similarities and differences and correctly drag each shape on the side to its center match. When shapes align, they will lock in place. There are 3 levels of difficulty.

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Compatible for :
Microsoft® Surface® 1.0

- 3 levels of difficulty.
- No two games are ever identical, to keep play varied.
- Game is timed to keep a fast pace.
- Educational and fun!

- Energized greeting spaces.
- A modern image of the company.
- A fun way to educate and entertain children.
- A unique differentiating service.

Shapes'Touch can be used in any educational setting, and also amusement parks, shops, waiting rooms, lounges, etc.

Shapes'Touch is ready-to-use and compatible with hardware running Windows® 10, 8 and 7 (touch screen units, screens, laptops, PC tablets, walls, etc.).
1 single license per hardware support.
The AFTER-MOUSE.COM logo is displayed in the application and shall not be removed.

A touch screen (tablet PC, screen, wall, laptop, etc.) responding to a minimum of 2 touches and running Windows 10, 8 or 7 is required for the use of this application.