Share'Touch - Server License

Share'Touch is a collaborative multi touch and multi user application to instantly share, track changes, and much more in real time across any linked devices around the world.

Share'Touch enables all hardware running under Windows® 10, 8 or 7, including Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® Pixelsense™ to be connected together - simplifying and optimizing exchanges within or between companies. With Share'Touch information sharing, negotiations, and real time corrections are simple and easy.

Share'Touch - Server License is required for the use of Share'Touch. The server license acts as the administrator: a conference can only be set up by the server license. It is also the server that authorizes each client to connect. Each user wanting to connect to this server must have a Share'Touch - Client License.

Users can integrate files in the application directly from their workspace, USB key or scanner. Share'Touch allows annotations for Word, Excel or PowerPoint** documents, and comments on images and videos. Users can also make changes on an image by selecting one of the integrated tools: pen, brush, rubber, choice of color, etc. With this application, files can be exchanged, duplicated and shared in real time to linked devices. The "Push" feature allows users to push content magically to another user, just by sliding their finger on screen and sharing it instantaneously.

*Cost of the server license: $10,000 excl. tax (a client license offered for all server license purchases).
Cost for supplementary client license: $1000 excl. tax.

**The integration of these formats requires a Microsoft® Office® license

Compatible for :
Microsoft® Surface® 2.0 Microsoft® Surface® 1.0

- Integration of files from workspace, USB key or scanner.
- Annotations and comments: a simple, quick way of adding comments to a Word, Excel or PowerPoint* document, to an image (JPG, PNG, XPS), or to a video. When simply selecting with the finger the place where the note should go, a virtual keyboard appears allowing to integrate comments and ideas.
- Draw: this tool allows making changes to an image or text file in a playful way. Simply by selecting one of the integrated drawing tools: pen, brush, rubber, choice of color, etc.
- Exchange of files.
- Duplication of documents.
- Share in real time: distribution of documents in real time to desired computers. Each change carried out will be instantly displayed on the screen of other users.
- Push files: with a simple touch, it is possible to slide a document over to another user. It will appear on his or her screen instantly, as if by magic!

*The integration of these formats requires a Microsoft® Office® license

- Organized, simplified exchanges for better results.
- Productivity accrued from collaborative sessions.
- Reduce travel costs thanks to long-distance interactive meetings.
- Instantaneous interactions made easier, aiding the comprehension and resolution of exposed problems.
- Energized and more involved teams.
- A modern, innovative image of the company.

Share'Touch can either be used within a company or with external partners to optimize exchanges.

Share'Touch is ready-to-use and compatible with all devices running Windows® 10, 8 desktop and Windows® 7, Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® Pixelsense, and Microsoft® Surface® 1.0.
Share'Touch works thanks to a server acting in the capacity of administrator. Each user wanting to connect to this server will be able to do so via a client license. There is no limitation to the number of users *.
Format of videos should be WMV.
Format of images should be PNG, JPG or XPS.
1 single license per hardware support.
The AFTER-MOUSE.COM logo is displayed in the application and shall not be removed.

*Limited by your internet connection and current networks

A touch screen (tablet PC, screen, wall, laptop, etc.) responding to a minimum of 2 touches and running Windows® 10, 8 or 7 is required for the use of this application, or with Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft® Pixelsense.
For use with Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft Pixelsense, Presentation'Touch requires installation of the Microsoft Surface SDK 2.0. If not installed by default, please consult http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=26716