Puzzle'Touch is a new version of the classic jigsaw puzzle, for Windows® 10, 8 and 7.

Puzzle’Touch is a digital jigsaw puzzle for all ages, with the added bonus of helping logic and organizational skills in young children.

As the game begins, players select a category of images from which they will choose a puzzle, and then choose an individual image. The image will disassemble into puzzle pieces users will need to put back together. There are 3 levels of difficulty.

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Compatible for :
Microsoft® Surface® 1.0

- Can be single player or a collaboration.
- Puzzles have varying difficulty keep gameplay interesting.
- Plenty of images to choose from, so you never have to play the same twice!
- Educational and fun!

- Energized greeting spaces.
- A modern image of the company.
- A fun way to educate and entertain children.
- A unique differentiating service.

Puzzle'Touch can be used in any family friendly setting, and also amusement parks, shops, waiting rooms, lounges, etc.

Puzzle'Touch is ready-to-use and compatible with hardware running Windows® 10, 8 and 7 (touch screen units, screens, laptops, PC tablets, walls, etc.).
1 single license per hardware support.
The AFTER-MOUSE.COM logo is displayed in the application and shall not be removed.

A touch screen (tablet PC, screen, wall, laptop, etc.) responding to a minimum of 2 touches and running Windows 10, 8 or 7 is required for the use of this application.