Presentation'Move, a new and innovative way to present with Kinect™ for Windows (PrimeSense's technology)

Presentation'Move is a motion recognition based application allowing users to discover an interactive brochure in a new way, with the simple move of their body. The application offers a totally new experience: no physical contact is needed - remote interaction by means of simple physical movements and natural human gestures enable the user to control the interface. A magical experience!

With Presentation'Move, all PPT, Word or Excel documents* can be presented in a very innovative manner. Customers and visitors will be amazed by this very attractive application giving a modern image of the company.

Presentation'Move has an integrated back office statistics gathering tool that measures the market impact (based on your key performance indicators) this new product has on your business. These detailed statistics can show the number of time the brochure has been viewed and the time spent by each on it. Invaluable market statistics that give you a better understanding of the consumer's behavior, and a closer anticipation of their needs.

*PPT, Word and Excel files have to be converted into XPS format.

Compatible for :

- Catalog viewing: the user can scroll the document, with a simple move!
- The application is customizable with a personalized background and the company logo.
- Statistics: the detailed statistics can show the number of time the brochure has been viewed and the time spent by each on it.

- A concrete and playful presentation of documents and brochures.
- An attractive tool.
- A modern, innovative image of the company.
- A seduced, faithful customer base.
- A magic customer experience.
- A unique differentiation tool.

Presentation'Move can be used everywhere! In shops, hotels, restaurants, banks, administrations, on tradeshows and even behind a window, to consult brochures from the street 24/7!

Presentation'Move is ready-to-use and compatible with Microsoft Kinect™ for Windows.
The application includes an extranet* system, giving a complete freedom for managing modifications of the PPT, Word or Excel document*.
Presentation'Move operates with documents in XPS format.
1 single license per hardware support.
The AFTER-MOUSE.COM logo is displayed in the application and shall not be removed.

*Limited to 100MB per license.

1 computer running under Windows 10, 8 or 7, 1 display (screen, projector, wall, etc.) and 1 Kinect for Windows are required for the use of this application.