Clean'Move - a mouse driver that eliminates the need for touch, built for clean environments, harnessing the power of Kinect™ for Windows®.

Clean'Move is a plug and play mouse driver that eliminates the need for a mouse. Using just hand gestures, Clean'Move allows users to navigate any of their existing applications - simply move the right hand to move the mouse, and push the left hand forward to "click."

Clean'Move works through glass, allowing the entire system to be installed outside of the room of use, keeping hands and equipment sterile. All Clean'Move requires is a Kinect™ for Windows® sensor, a PC, and a connected screen or monitor of any size. There is no installation necessary, Clean'Move is instantly compatible with every application you use.

*$6,500 is the price per device. For an unlimited license, please contact us.

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Compatible for :

- Makes sterile environments easier to control, if entire system placed behind glass.
- Plug and play means instant compatibility with every application you already use.
- So simple and intuitive, users will instantly know how to use the Clean'Move mouse driver.
- An inexpensive solution requiring only a Kinect™ device, PC, and screen of any kind.

- Put your mind at ease, not having to think about washing hands and sterilizing equipment every time a mouse is used.
- A modern, innovative image of the company.
- A magical customer or patient experience.
- No learning curve needed.

Clean'Move can be used in any setting where it is advantageous to use a hands-free mouse. Notable settings include the medical fields, research, IT, etc.

Clean'Move is ready-to-use and requires Microsoft Kinect™ for Windows®, linked to any compatible PC.
Clean'Move works instantly with any of your pre-existing applications, with the same functions as a traditional mouse.
1 single license per hardware support.
The AFTER-MOUSE.COM logo is displayed in the application and shall not be removed.

1 computer running Windows® 10, 8 or 7, 1 support (screen, projector, wall, etc.) and 1 camera openNI compliant device are required for the use of this application.